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About lake salt

Salt industry building

Development plan
    In the first place, it is our priority to carry out the most important tasks of fulfilling the state table salt monopolizing policy, eliminating the harm arising from idodine shortage and ensuring people¡¯s health as we used to do. The company is to accelerate the establishment of edible salt distribution and delivery network, and realize the modernization of edible salt circulation.
    In the second place, we will, according to our company¡¯s development strategic plan, proceed to carry through our comprehensive development and utilization of saline lake resources to form three salt related series of products. The first is a series of salt product. By adopting advanced dressing craft and rational mining order to enhance the productivity, the company strives to realize its scale profits by securing a productivity that tops all saline lakes in China and ascends among the first five in the same discipline. Being market-oriented and through improving industrial salt superior grade rate, the company is firm-minded in developing a series of refined, packet packaged edible salt that are of multi-varieties and rich in healthcare nutrition, with a belief to establish well-known organic edible salt product brand and develop a stronger, bigger and smarter primary industry. The second is a series of electrolyzed chemical industrial products. The construction of necessary chemical industrial projects, which is to match the under-construction projects such as food grade potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, metallic sodium, etc., helps to form electrolyzed chemical industrial chain and develop fine chemical industry. The third is a series of salt-featured salt chemical industry products. Upon the requirement of Tsaidam circular economic development, it is the company¡¯s mission to develop and utilize resources from the saline lake such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, lithium, bromine, etc., to realize saline resources superiority supplementary and associated resources ecological equilibrium, as well as to actualize zero castoff discharges and maximize resources utilization rate. The company is making its great efforts to take a new sustainable industrialization path, which means low investment, high output and little discharge.
    Last but not least, the company is to develop a series of bathing and skin-protecting products out of salty putty, salt field biology and Tibet Peru purple azo dye salt, etc., as well as to develop saline lake scenery and industrial tourism and make it an unique scenic spot along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.
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